Current Projects

Cochrane Rotary Youth Talent Festival

For nearly three decades, the Cochrane Rotary Youth Talent Festival has given young artists a chance to gain and develop performance skills in a wide range of areas. We are proud to have helped provide a vehicle for young people to grow their skills and passion in music, dance, theatre and a whole lot more. A safe and educational environment to foster a love for the arts is what this festival is all about. 

Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park offers a wonderful opportunity to escape urban life and relax while gaining an education about history, local ecosystems and more. The Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation helps facilitate services and preserve the pristine environment of the park. Whether providing upgrades to infrastructure, developing tours or spearheading outreach or restoration initiatives, the GRPF is an integral contributor to this wonderful space. 

Spray Lake Family Skate

The Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre is an excellent recreational facility servicing the Cochrane area. The Family Skate provides a wonderful opportunity for those young and old to get some exercise and practice their skating skills, while sharing some quality time with friends and family. 

Royal Canadian Legion Cenotaph Project

No greater gift can be given than to sacrifice one’s life for the liberty and freedom of others. The Rotary Club of Cochrane is proud to work with the Royal Canadian Legion to honor our brave service men and women through upgrades to the Cenotaph. A bronze statue of a WW1 soldier, a new flagpole and walkway are among the initiatives planned for this project. 

The Rotary Mattamy Greenway Project

The Rotary Mattamy Greenway is a path encircling the city of Calgary. No less than 13 parks and 55 communities are linked through the Greenway, and walkers, runners, bikers and rollerbladers will find it an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors while exploring the corners of the city. The Cochrane Rotary were among the donors who helped see this project to fruition. 

The Bow Rivers Edge Campground Society

The Bow Rivers Edge Campground is a non-profit campground partially funded by the Rotary Club. Located on the banks of the beautiful Bow River, the campground serves as a place for visitors to stay, as well as a gathering spot for residents.  Profits from the campground are returned the community in the form of support for a number of great causes. 

Cochrane Urgent Care Ultrasound Unit

In 2014 the Rotary Club of Cochrane helped raise funds for the purchase of a portable ultrasound machine, in order to make possible preliminary testing. Having this machine in the community was a priority, so that patients could receive this testing locally, without adding travel to their ordeal. 

Stars Air Ambulance Ultrasound and Equipment

The Stars Air Ambulance is a vital service that we are fortunate to have. Raising proceeds for the continued purchase of essential equipment has been an important function of the Rotary Club. 

Warm Water Therapy Committee New Pool Project

Warm water therapy provides many benefits in rehabilitation, therapy and treatment. Numerous strengthening and pain relieving exercises and procedures are made possible by the techniques employed by warm water therapists, and the Rotary was pleased to help raise funds for a new pool. 

Cochrane Search and Rescue

One may not think about search and rescue services on a daily basis, but the moment they become necessary, they are absolutely essential. Preparedness is key, and involves proper knowledge, research and technology. Having these resources at the ready is a initiative that we are proud to support. 


Rancheview Playground Project

Playgrounds are where children get physical activity, enjoy some sunshine and develop social skills. Even more importantly, it’s a place to have fun and just be a kid! The Cochrane Rotary Club is a part of ongoing efforts by the Rancheview School to raise money for the installation of a new playground. 

Community Futures Entrepreneur Camp

Entrepreneurship is a vital part of the economy and a driver of innovation. The future of our community, and indeed our planet, belongs to the young, so it is essential that they are given the skills necessary to bring their ideas into fruition. Community Futures is a non-profit organization providing training and support services to small business owners, and their youth summer camp aims to peak the interest, and hone the skills, of enterprising teens. 

RYPEN (Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment) and RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) 


Both RYPEN (Ages 15-17) and RYLA (Ages 18-30) are Rotary created seminars aimed at providing young people with the skills and techniques they will need to excel as they shape the future. Open discussion and development of teamwork and communications skills are among the features of these gatherings, as is having a good time! 

Adventure in Citizenship


 In the Rotary Club’s ‘Adventure in Citizenship’ program, 220 high school students from across Canada come together annually in our nation’s capital to learn and explore the tenants of democracy, citizenship and our institutions. Learning from one another, as well as an impressive host of leaders and officials, students will enjoy and exciting event while learning about the institutions and processes that make our democracy function! 

Rotary Youth Exchange Program (Outband and Inbound) 

Through the Rotary Youth Exchange Program students in more than 100 countries are given the opportunity to spend time in another country. Learning new skills and languages, developing relationships and becoming global citizens are among the many benefits of this program, which the Rotary Club is proud to maintain. 

Cochrane High School Bursaries

Education is the key to unlocking the potential of today’s youth, which is why the Rotary Club of Cochrane are glad to present high school bursaries, easing the financial burdens of post-secondary education. 

El Salvador Housing Project/Shelter CDA

In March of 2017 Rotarians from Cochrane, Airdrie and Brooks travelled to El Salvador to assist in the construction of sustainable housing for 10 families living in abject poverty in the town of San Vincente. Welcomed by locals, the assistance gave a fresh start to families in desperate need of suitable housing, while Rotarians benefitted from a heart warming experience in another culture. 

Shelter Box

When natural disaster occurs, families often find themselves without shelter or essential supplies. Shelter box rushes to the aid of those in desperate need, providing water purification, blankets, tools and many other fundamentals for those who need it most.