Age:  Graduating Grade 12 Students
Date:  Awards Day for each high school
Prime Sponsor: Rotary Club of Cochrane
Rotarian Contact: JuliandeCocq (
Description: The Cochrane Rotary Club is proud to offer an annual Bursary Program with the three High Schools in Cochrane. Cochrane High School, Bow Valley High School and St. Timothy High School have collectively received over $75,000 since the inception of this program in 1997. Currently, each year the High Schools in Cochrane receive funding for one $5000 bursary we call the Rotary U-START Bursary.
Our bursaries are funds (grants) based on clearly demonstrated financial need and/or satisfactory academic achievement. This differs from a scholarship which is typically awarded only on the basis of academic excellence.
The decisions on those students eligible for bursaries are made by each school with the Rotary Club providing consultation to insure students in both the academic and trade disciplines are considered.